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Release date:2016/05/20

Founded in 2004 , Shenzhen Tech-source Electronics Co Ltd  is a high technology Enterprise ,who focuses on the research and application of LCD Display technology ,design ,manufacture ,marketing and delivers of LCD monitor products . it is the No. 1 Design House in the display industry. Currently, More than 3.5% of the world's monitor core drivers are supplied by Tech-source (Hong Kong). We have a professional R & D team, many of them in the display industry has more than 10 years of work experience, can provide from the hardware circuit design to software design, production from the model to mass production and full-service. We are the largest Monitor Chip agents of Twaiwan Morningstar ( Mstar ) , which is the world’s leading semiconductor manufactures ,Mstar is the world's top ten semiconductor design company, is the world's LCD TV, LCD monitor, et-top box the largest program providers. We have the Taiwan Morningstar (Mstar) direct technical support, strong research and development capabilities to meet the different needs of different customers for the display.

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